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Blake Laughman CPT

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One on One Personalized Training
Lose Weight * Increase Strength
Improve Body Tone * Food Management
Strength Training for Physically Challenged
Over One Hundred Exercises
Plyometric Exercises
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Specialized Servicecs
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Post Pregnancy Reconditioning
  • Post Rehabilitation Strength Training
  • Programs for the Physically Challenged
  • Plyometric Exercises
  • TAMEXX Treatment (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
  • Over One Hundred Exercises
  • FREE Towel Service
  • FREE Bottled Water
  • FREE Parking

Low monthly rates available

Session length not limited

First session FREE

About the Studio…

Your Personal Trainer Fitness Studio is not your typical gym. In fact it’s better than a gym… it’s a one on one personalized training studio where everyone can feel comfortable working out to their own challenging and individualized training program. With constant attention and instruction from a personal trainer you will never be handed a workout sheet and sent away on your own! Your Personal Trainer is not a meat market crowded with gym bunnies and muscle heads. Instead our studio is filled with a small group of fun, ordinary people who are serious about improving their quality of life.

The training system at Your Personal Trainer is like no other in the area. Each session is customized to challenge each individual. All routines are alternated with a four-week or more rotation to eliminate boredom and reduce burnout. A Your Personal Trainer staff member is always beside you throughout your workout to answer questions, monitor your progress and provide encouragement.

Our full service commitment allows each member to concentrate on his or her training program.

Each piece of equipment is loaded, unloaded and adjusted by a Your Personal Trainer Staff Member. Your only responsibility is to challenge your body… Our primary responsibility is to take care of you!
Your Personal Trainer Fitness Studio is a drug-free, down to earth environment that is suitable for people of every age and athletic ability. Our clientele includes high school athletes, senior citizens, post pregnancy reconditioning, the physically challenged, post rehabilitation patients, out of town visitors and many others at various stages of strength training.

Our mission is to support and encourage each member to reach realistic goals in a safe, natural and practical time period.
Benefits of Your Personal Trainer...

The key benefit of this Fitness Studio is the experience and qualifications of the staff. The trainer has over 25 years of experience in resistant weight training and is World Certified since 1993 with the National Federation of Professional Trainers.

The financial benefits include a free consultation, free support services, no membership or joining fees, affordable rates and being charged by the session… Not by the hour!

The personal and fun environment makes exercising fun for everyone. Your challenging and changing routine reduces boredom so you never feel you have reached a plateau in your workout. We believe… “No Plateau - No Boredom - No Quitting!”
Benefits of Strength Training...

Weight loss, lower cholesterol and a decreased stress level are only the beginning of the long list of benefits of strength training. Being physically active also lowers blood pressure and fights the effects of aging!

Strength training is a natural way to fight osteoporosis. As you exercise you actually increase bone density. Taking care of your body and working out in a positive environment also promotes confidence, enhances body awareness, improves posture and promotes a positive attitude. A carefully monitored work out plan will speed up recovery time from surgeries and injuries while proper strength training helps to prevent future problems by improving flexibility, building endurance and increasing range of motion.

Strength training is the perfect cross training exercise for just about any sport. It’s also a great way to stay in shape during the off season and the perfect way to enhance you're athletic ability for the season your in.
Work Out Plans...

Your Personal Trainer Fitness Studio constructs each individual’s workout plan according to the client’s needs and limitations. Although simple, this philosophy eliminates all the gimmicks that are circulating in most gyms today. The need for “sport specific” or other “unique” plans that fitness centers charge additional fees for becomes obsolete at our studio because we already design each program according to the client’s goals and lifestyle. Everyone is unique at Your Personal Trainer.
Help Your High School Athlete Gain That Extra Edge!...

Your Personal Trainer fitness studio is fully equipped to help all athletes achieve that extra edge they need in reaching their goals. The studio offers the latest state of the art strength training equipment, which helps the athlete gain the strength and coordination needed to be the best they can. We offer plyometric exercises that will increase vertical jump height, bosu ball to aid balance, and jump ropes for that extra spring in your step. We also incorporate medicine balls and other balance and coordination drills. All the exercise routines are designed to meet the athlete’s individual needs to achieve that extra edge needed in today’s competitive world.

Your Personal Trainer fitness studio is a completely drug free facility. We will never permit any of the athletes to use any kind of enhancement drugs, and we do not push unnecessary supplements. We believe in a well balanced diet and a lot of hard work. Together with your organized sports coaches we can help even the average athlete become more competitive in their chosen sport.
Your Personal Trainer offers student discounts at $30.00 per session. Call today for your free consultation.

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